– Occidental College, Center for Digital Learning and Research-

– Fall 2012: CSP11, Core Cultural Studies Program (Copyright + Culture) ScottCSPCopyrightCultureSyllabus

– Fall 2011: CSP26, Core Cultural Studies Program (Fandom & Participatory Culture) ScottCSPsyllabusFandom

-UC Santa Cruz, Film and Digital Media Department-

– Spring 2011: Film 194S, Special Topics Seminar (Comic Book Culture)  ScottComicBookCultureSyllabus

– Winter 2011: Film 194A, Film Theory Seminar (Cultural Studies) ScottCulturalStudiesSyllabus

– Winter 2010 & 2011: Film 187, Advanced Topics in Television Studies (Fandom & Geek Culture)  ScottFandomSyllabus

– Fall 2010: Film 80S, Special Topics in Film & Digital Media (Transmedia Storytelling)  ScottTransmediaSyllabus

– Spring 2010 & 2011: Film 189, Advanced Topics in New Media (Video Game Studies)  ScottVideoGamesSyllabus

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15 07 2011
4 08 2011
13 04 2012
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16 08 2012

Yay! I was at the “Let’s Get Critical” panel at GGC12, and was very intrigued/excited to hear you talk about the courses you teach. After the panel, I wanted to find out if I could get my hands on a syllabus, but everyone was getting rushed out the door, & on to the next thing. So glad this is here! Now to track everything down … thanks a bunch!

17 08 2012

I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to chat after the panel! Most of my syllabi are here, but if you have any further questions (or want to discuss other scholarly writing on this topic) don’t hesitate to email me: suzannescott [at]

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